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DON'T TAKE Our Word For It

Hear From Our Clients Who Found Success With NWB Dogs

Karen & "Geordie"

Best time and money spent! Matt and his team set us up for success, taught us how to train our pup in the most enjoyable way. It's so fun to see the progress our pup has made and to see his confidence grow. Best bonding experience ever!

Andrea, "Miya" & "Elo"  BOARD & TRAIN

"We were cautiously optimistic that this program would work for our dogs. When we got them back, Matt trained us and the dogs were totally improved. We were and continue to be so impressed! Maintaining their training is fun and walking, riding, and hiking is a pleasure!"

Kristie & "Vinnie"

"Matt had me work off leash with Vinnie in a public park with all the usual distractions of people, other dogs and kids...I am a very happy pup owner. Vinnie and I are both a work in progress but this first phase of training has gotten us off on the right foot. I cannot recommend Matt enough."

Lisa & Murphy / Private Training

"Matt is a dog whisperer!!! My dog Murphy and I had an amazing experience! NWB dogs were great with working around my schedule for training times, and always available if I had questions. Murphy is a lab and very smart. The training was mostly about me and what I needed to do to engage with my four legged best friend. Matt makes it fun for both dog and owner. I couldn’t be happier with what Murphy and I have learned, and are still learning! Highly recommend!!! Game changer!"

Glen & Fidel / Board & Train

"Our dog Fidel was a bundle of willful energy that ate his way out of a dog kennel, bent the metal on an open wire kennel, ate shoes, tarps, chew toys, & had high separation anxiety. Three weeks with Matt and NW Balanced Dog Training and he is a pleasure to have as part of the family. He is attentive and eager to please. I feel comfortable taking him to places with children or other dogs. Fidel is a happier dog, and we are definitely happier with him."

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