PUPPY Training

"Your dog can love you and not respect you, but if your dog respects you, they will most certainly love you."

Your Relationship With Your Dog is as Solid as The Foundation on Which it is Built

You can start training your dog at any age, but to avoid the the most common issues dog owners face we recommend putting in a conscious effort early on. A puppy gives you the special opportunity to imprint behaviors and establish your relationship while your dog is still developing.  Start your puppy off now and avoid working twice as hard to correct behaviors later. Allow us to help you take advantage of this unique and exciting time to achieve the companion dog of your dreams.

Puppy rearing doesn't have to be stressful. Come experience the joy of raising your dog The NWB Way. Book an Evaluation to learn more.


 Motivation & Engagement

Learn how to use your dog's natural instincts rather than work against them.  Find what motivates your dog and use it to create engagement with you, despite environmental distractions. This is the foundation of the go-anywhere, do-anything dog.

Work, Rest & Play

Understand the balance between these elements and you will be able to truly satisfy your puppy's physical, emotional and intellectual needs.  We will teach you the importance of this foundation and how to implement this structure in your daily activities.

Imprint Behaviors

Learn to imprint desirable behaviors and prevent bad habits from forming. Along with basic manners you will learn the foundations of obedience and how dogs learn. This way you'll have the tools to teach your dog any behavior you desire long after the course is complete.

Summer 2021
Puppy Group Class

Our Puppy Group Training is all Full!   If you want to get started now, purchase our online course and we will deduct the cost from October Group Class rates if you sign up now.

October 2021
Puppy Group Classes

Two classes will begin the week of  October 18th, 2021.  Wednesdays at 5:00pm for dogs 3mo-6mo and Thursdays at 5:00pm for dogs 7mo-12mo.  Reserve your spot in advance, we are already starting to receive bookings!


If you have a dog under 12 months old who struggles with reactivity, aggression, anxiety, fear or other similarly "unwanted" habits, you may be better suited to our Puppy Private Training.  We hold a limited number of spots open for this opportunity so get in touch if you want individual coaching.

Training Includes Five one-on-one private training sessions with written homework, our online training course, and unlimited email/phone help in-between sessions as needed.

Puppy Age Requirements limit this program to dogs between the ages of 3 months to 12 months of age.



My Puppy is Under 10 Weeks Old, Can I Start Now?

Yes!  We highly recommend it, and can help set you up for the first few weeks with your dog in a simple One-Time Consultation. Training is more than just teaching "sit, down, stay."  You should start implementing foundational training techniques and routine from day one. Whether you have a brand new litter or just brought home an 8-week old pup, there's always ways you can enrich their environment and create structure that will set you up for greater success down the road.  

My Puppy Hasn't had all Their Vaccines, Can I Come in?

We ask that all dogs are up-to-date with vaccines for their age.  Usually this means your dog has had two rounds of their core puppy vaccinations.  Your dog will not be in direct contact with other dogs or their excrement during their private training sessions, so generally we do not have concerns about serious transmissible diseases.  If you have questions please feel free to call us.

I Want You to Train My Puppy, do You Do Board & Trains?

Puppies change drastically throughout their developmental stages.  It is always best when owners can take on the responsibility of the initial phases of training.  This is when the structure and routine is established which you will continue to some extent throughout their lives.  If we take your puppy in for a Board & Train, no doubt they will learn a lot, but there will still be so much more work for you to do as they develop.  If your puppy is closer to six months old or has behavioral issues and you're interested in a B&T,  please feel free to set up an evaluation and we can discuss that option.

Will my Puppy be Fully Trained After This Program?

We don't believe any dog is ever "fully" trained, hence our philosophy that training is a lifestyle; it is something that's incorporated into your relationship with your dog for life. While the initial teaching phases are repetitive, we do our best to blend it into your lifestyle and make training fun.  Even though you will still have work to do after the course is complete, we make it so it is engaging and fits into things you already enjoy doing with your pup.  That being said, the majority of our clients find their dog to be greatly improved in their behaviors and have much less stress and anxiety about raising their puppy because we give them the tools they need to conquer any situation with confidence.

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