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Different ways to work with us

Private Lessons

We offer two different ways to do private lessons with us: The first is a package of four lessons that set you up with the fundamentals, including engagement, basic obedience, and leash handling.

 If you wish to continue training with us, you can sign up for ongoing lessons. Dog training is a lifestyle and a practice that requries ongoing maintenance. 

Clients can chose from 1, 2, or 4 lessons per month on advanced training techniques, generalizing commands, and remote collar training for off-leash reliability. You get a dedicated time and day of the week of your choosing.

NWB Pack Membership

Clients who have already worked with us or are currently working with us may join the NWB Pack.

Options to join include our weekly group class or the monthly pack hike. Or join both!

The group class allows you to work your dog around other dogs in a safe setting and the pack hikes focus on recall skills, advocating for your dog on trails, and having fun with like-minded dog owners. 



Overnight Boarding

Knowing where to leave your pet when you travel can be stressful, especially if you have a challenging dog or your sitter doesn’t know how ot use tools.

When you board your dog with NWB Dogs, our trainers will:

– maintain structure and obedience skills

– practice neutrality around other dogs without direct interaction

– fulfill their biological and physical needs

If you’ve been struggling to find someone trustworthy to watch your dog while you’re away, get in touch with NWB Dogs today.


Keep an eye out on our events page for regular weekend seminars and long term classes.

We host workshops including: tracking and trailing, scentwork, e-collar 101, and more.

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our training methodology

We prioritize engagement-first dog training, based on the NePoPo® training system developed by world-renowned dog trainers Bart and Michael Bellon that combines the best of modern behavioral science with traditional training techniques.

Through this system, we tap into your dog’s motivation, redirecting it from unwanted behaviors to desired ones.

When your dog recognizes you as the key to their desires, they’ll enthusiastically respond to your commands, every time.

Private 1:1 lessons

We coach you to train your dog during private one-on-one lessons.

Our trainers guide you closely to take you step-by-step through various skills, including leash handling, basic obedience, and corrections.

Owners will gain deeper understanding, skills, and confidence in addressing their dog’s challenges. 

During private lessons, we can teach you how to:  

  • Build engagement with your dog, so they pay attention to you in any environment
  • Develop rock solid obedience commands
  • Refine leash handling skills
  • E-collar train your dog for reliable off-leash recall*

Training tools not included. Recall reliability subject to trainer recommendations based on dog’s behavior.

ongoing lessons

Because dog training is a lifestyle that requires regular practice to maintain, we offer ongoing lessons either after completion of a package or from the get go.

We design our lessons based on your training goals, such as:

– remote collar training for off-leash recall

– generalizing obedience for a go anywhere, do anything dog

– working on behavioral issues like leash reactivity

– scentwork, tracking & trailing, or detection work

Choose from the following programs:

1 lesson: $200/month*

2 lessons: $350/month**

4 lessons: $635/month**

* Requires a six-month committment
** Requires a three-month committment


This is your opportunity to meet us and allow us to evaluate your dog.

During  this one-hour session, we’ll go over our training methods and demonstrate a few basics.

If we mutually agree that we are a good fit for training, we can discuss where to go from there.

No matter what you decide, you’ll walk away from the session having learned something new.

$250 for one one-hour consultation.


Take pet sitting stress out of your travel plans and board your dog with us.

Since we’re trainers, we’re always training, so when your dog stays with us, we maintain the same structure that you’ve worked so hard to maintain.

Your dog will have three guaranteed outings in our yard, where they can go potty, traverse our obstacle course, or play with other dogs, if applicable.


*$125 for holidays


Upon request only.

We accept a very limited number of board and trains annually that are geared toward specialty training, like nosework, detection work, and tracking.

All prospective dogs must pass an evaluation by one of our trainers. If accepted, the fee can be applied toward the board and train.

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