personalized training programs that meet your goals

Different ways to work with us

Private Lessons


In our private lesson packages, you are the trainer and we are there to give you the skills and coaching necessary to reach your training goals.

We can modify our packages to suit your specific goals, including:

– off-leash recall with remote collar

– leash handling

– settling

– basic obedience

– engagement & motivation


Board & Train

If you feel overwhelmed when it comes to training your dog, we’ll take care of the basics for you!

During our board and trains, your dog stays with us during the week and goes home on weekends.

We teach them:

– how to walk nicely on leash

– off-leash recall with e-collar

– settling on command

– basic obedience


Group Lessons

Just like in our private lessons, you are the trainer and we coach you through the steps to reach your goals.

In our group classes, you will have the opportunity to socialize your dog around other dog in a way that builds neutrality.

This setting is ideal for dogs that constantly want to say hi to other dogs as well as for reactive dogs.





Keep an eye out on our events page for regular weekend seminars and long term classes.

We host workshops including: tracking and trailing, scentwork, e-collar 101, and more.

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our training methodology

We prioritize engagement-first dog training, based on the NePoPo® training system developed by world-renowned dog trainers Bart and Michael Bellon that combines the best of modern behavioral science with traditional training techniques.

Through this system, we tap into your dog’s motivation, redirecting it from unwanted behaviors to desired ones.

When your dog recognizes you as the key to their desires, they’ll enthusiastically respond to your commands, every time.

private & Group lessons

Focused Fundamentals

We coach you to train your dog during private one-on-one lessons.

During these four lessons, we help you set the foundation for basic obedience.

Our trainers guide you closely to take you step-by-step through various skills, including building engagement, leash handling, and basic obedience.

Our training focuses on an engagement-first system where we teach the dog to engage with the owner before introducing any formal obedience.

Once the dog is motivated to work, we can then start to work on obedience and leash handling skills. 

In Focused Fundamentals, you will learn how to:  

  • Build engagement with your dog so they pay attention to you in any environment
  • Teach your dog marker words and develop a clear communication system
  • Teach your dog obedience commands through a mix of positive and negative reinforcement
  • Refine leash handling skills

Prong collar and 3 months of access to our online course included in price (a $597 value).

Group lessons – $599

Controlled Freedom

You got a dog to join you on your adventures, but their off-leash reliability isn’t exactly, well, reliable.

In this program, we will introduce the e-collar to your dog in order to communicate with them from a distance so that they can enjoy off-leash freedom on your hikes, trail runs, mountain bike rides, and other outdoor pursuits.

We’ll take you from start to finish teaching you how to use the e-collar both as a gas pedal and a brake. During your five lessons, you will:

  • Use the e-collar to reinforce known behaviors
  • Teach your dog to recall when called
  • Refine leash handling skills and basic obedience

By the end, you will be able to communicate with your dog from a distance so that they can enjoy off-leash freedom.

Price includes E-collar Technologies FT-330 e-collar ($297 value) and 3 months of access to our online course ($597 value).

** Subject to trainer recommendations based on dog’s demeanor

Group lessons – $1299

PUppy Group Class

Getting your dog started off from the beginning will minimize the challenges you face as they grow older.

A lot of unwanted behavior development starts during puppyhood, and our class will teach you how to show your dog the behaviors you do want and engage them in proper puppy socialization that sets them up for a life of success.

This isn’t your average puppy group class where puppies run around and play with each other.

In our training, we teach dogs how to be neutral around each other and pay attention to their owners, not other dogs or people.

During the course of the five lessons, owners will:

  • Learn how to build engagement with their puppies through the use of food and play
  • Perform activities with the other human clients in order to understand what their dogs experience during training and illustrate communication breakdowns
  • Learn how to use free shaping to have fun with your dog, teach behaviors, and develop critical thinking skills
  • Understand how to structure life at home to reduce accidents and destruction of belongings
  • Navigate challenges to develop confidence and develop proprioception

Classes are on Thursdays at 5:30.

For puppies of all breeds, aged between 8 weeks and 6 months.

Group Lessons – $499

Custom Private Lessons

We design our lessons based on your training goals, such as:

– leash handling and loose leash walking

– remote collar training for off-leash recall

– generalizing obedience for a go anywhere, do anything dog

– working on behavioral issues like leash reactivity

– scent work, tracking & trailing, or detection work

Starting at $1500

board & train

If you feel overwhelmed when it comes to training your dog, have no idea where to even begin, let us do the training for you!

This package is for you if you seek basic obedience and/or dream of off-leash adventures with your dog.

Do you experience any of the following with your dog?

  • Your dog drags you down the street as soon as you step out the front door
  • Your dog seems to have selective hearing when you are around dogs, people, or other distractions.
  • You struggle to get your dog to stop jumping on guests when they come over
  • When your dog is off-leash, your calls fall on deaf ears and your dog comes back to you…when they feel like it.

During our 3-week board and trains, your dog stays with us, and we teach them how to:

  • walk calmly on leash
  • come when called, using the e-collar
  • sit and lie down–and stay in those positions until given further instructions
  • pay attention to their handler in the face of distractions
  • relax on command so that you can take them to your favorite brewery or enjoy guests in your home without mayhem

The program includes weekly Friday afternoon group lessons with the owners where we teach you how to apply the work at home for ongoing success.

Your dog will go home with you over the weekend, so that you can practice what you learned in class.*

Price includes a Herm Sprenger prong collar, e-collar, and 3 months of access to our online course.


Starting at: $3,500


This is your opportunity to meet us and allow us to evaluate your dog.

During  this one-hour session, we’ll go over our training methods and demonstrate a few basics.

If we mutually agree that we are a good fit for training, we can discuss where to go from there.

No matter what you decide, you’ll walk away from the session having learned something new.

$250 for one one-hour consultation.


Take pet sitting stress out of your travel plans and board your dog with us.

Since we’re trainers, we’re always training, so when your dog stays with us, we maintain the same structure that you’ve worked so hard to maintain.

Your dog will have three guaranteed outings in our yard, where they can go potty, traverse our obstacle course, or play with other dogs, if applicable.


*$125 for holidays

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