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Finding like-minded dog owners with trained dogs who actually respect the boundaries you set for your dog isn’t exactly easy.

The NWB Pack offers two different ways to work your dog around other dogs in a safe and neutral environment.

group classes

Weekly group classes that sharpen handler skills, build confidence, and  develop neutrality around other dogs.

pack walks

Get outdoors for an long line hike on a nearby forest road with other dog owners and practice off-leash and advocacy skills in a safe setting.


Building a community of dog owners who understand your struggles can be hard to come by. Part of the goal of our membership is to foster connections between our clients.

different options to meet your needs

Monthly Membership


Think of our monthly membership like a gym membership–you can come to an unlimited number of the weekly group classes each month.

The membership is $100/month and the payments will be set up to automatically recur monthly.

You receive 30 days of access to training classes beginning on the date you register.

Open to existing clients only.

10-Pack Punchcard


Can’t commit to regular class attendance? No problem! That’s exactly what our 10-pack punchcard is for.

With the punchard, you can sign up for 10 group lessons at your lesiure (this pass does not include quarterly field trips).

Punchards expire after 90 days.

Pack Hikes


Join us for monthly weekend pack hikes where we will meet at lesser-used trails or forest service roads.

During the hikes, we will practice recall skills using long lines, hiking with other dogs, and developing advocacy skills when we encounter other dog owners.

Open to existing clients only. Capped at 10 members. Once we reach capacity, we will create a waiting list. When someone leave, first on the list gets first right of refusal.


I've gone through a similar training program, can I join the pack?

Possibly! If your dog has gone through a balanced training program with another trainer, we require a consultation to ensure that your dog is a good fit for the class. If we see that you need to brush up on some skills, you are welcome to join as a new member and attend the three required leash handling skills classes.

I've never been through a training program, can I still join the pack?

If you’ve never trained with NWB Dogs or another similar trainer previously, you are still welcome to join the pack!

Prior to joining regular group classes and pack walks, clients are required to attend three leash handling skills group classes. Classes must be completed within the first month of purchase.

The first month will be $750, and then you will be charged $200/month through a recurring charge.

My dog is reactive, can I still join?

You betcha! As long as you have worked with us previously or have gone through a similar training program and have been assessed by one of our trainers, you’re welcome to join.

In fact, this class is GREAT for reactive dogs. We will challenge you and your dog and we think you’ll be pretty amazed at the results!

What if I can't make all of the group classes within a month?

If you can’t make a class, then you miss a class! Think of this exactly like a gym membership. You pay a monthly fee and some months you can make more classes than other months. 

Does it make sense for me to join if the month has already started?

Indeed! Memberships don’t begin on the first of the monthThey begin on the day that you sign up. So while we send out monthly schedules, that doesn’t mean that you’ve missed out or that you won’t be getting your money worth if you signed up midway through the month.

Can I put my membership on hold?

Sure! For a membership adjustment or pause just email us no fewer than 14 days before your next bill date. All cancellation or suspension requests must be within the terms of the member contract.

Holds up to a month at a time are complimentary. Any non-medical holds longer than a month are billed at $15/month.

Note: All membership suspension and cancellation requests must be submitted in writing (via email) 14 days prior to your next bill date.

If you cannot commit to a monthly membership, then the 10-Pack Punchard might be the best option for you.

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