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TRAINING Adventure Dogs
SINCE 2012

Real World Trainingfor REAL DOGS

Our training builds hope and confidence in dogs and empowers owners in the art of dog training.


  Primarily focused on the pet dog and the average dog owner, our low-conflict, high-motivation approach to training makes it possible to achieve success.


Despite obstacles such as hyperactivity, anxiety, fear and reactivity in your dog we come together with you to build the best relationship possible between you and your dog.

 We will take your relationship with your dog from frustration and confusion to calmness and clarity.


There's a Fire In Every Dog


When you allow a dog to be their own creator you see their mind, body and spirit change for the better. Let the dog choose.

 Learn the ins and outs of the NWB Dogs Training Lifestyle; a comprehensive method of living with and training your dog.


When you train with us, we'll tap into your dog's most basic instincts, using them to build motivation and engagement in any environment.


Once your dog is activated in this way, you'll be able to teach obedience, loose leash walking, and basic manners in any situation without conflict or frustration.

 Dogs are as unique as thumbprints. Our coaching accounts for the individual dog as well as their human counterparts. 


We offer personalized training programs for your lifestyle to bring out the best in your dog.


Our clients are instructed in how to prevent dog-related chaos and exist at ease with their dogs in any situation.  



"Where you create chaos, you get chaos. Where you create calmness, you get calmness."


Is Private Training Right For Me and My Dog?

Private Lessons are great for dogs of any age or temperament and for any owner who wants to do the training.  If your dog has aggression or reactivity issues towards other dogs or humans, please schedule an evaluation prior to booking.

Can My Whole Family Participate in Lessons?

Absolutely, we encourage all those involved in your dog's daily life to participate in training.  This promotes consistency for the dog.  Kids of all ages are invited to join in and are often some of the best teachers!  If your kids become too great of a distraction, it becomes unsafe, or you know that they won't be able to participate fully it may be best to find child care alternatives or bring something to keep them occupied. We believe parents know best what is the right call for them and their families.  Contact Us with any questions.

My Schedule is Crazy! What Are Your Hours?

Our private lessons schedule does have flexibility, however, we are a family-run business and are parents of a young child, so we reserve evenings and weekends for family time and to care for the Board & Train dogs who are in our care 24/7.  If you want to train with us but are absolutely restricted by your work schedule, please Contact Us to discuss options.  We are always happy to help in any way we can, even if it means directing you to a different trainer.

How Much Do I Need To Train Between Lessons?

This program doesn't usually require you to spend more time with your dog than you already do, but you will have to change how you spend it. We will be there to help along the way, but the results depend largely on the work done at home.  An open mind and dedication to the training protocols are imperative to your success in this program.

What Our Clients Say

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Tifani & Zoey

Private Training 

"I just finished six private lessons with my 18 mo. rescue chihuahua Zoey. Before training she was aggressive with my senior chihuahua, resource guarding and did not listen. After training with a clicker, prong collar and E-collar she is more of a go-anywhere dog "

See what our clients say, check out more testimonials.


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