Group class

ongoing training for lasting results

continue what you started.

Admit it. You love having the best-behaved dog on the block.

Let’s keep it that way.


Dog training isn’t a one-and-done. 

In order to have continued success with your dog, you’ve gotta be consistent with training.

Think of our group classes like your favorite fitness class. Just show up and we’ll make sure you and your dog have fun and stay in tip-top obedience shape.

Group class will:

→ Work your dog around other dogs to create neutrality

→ Obedience maintenence under the guidance of experts

→ Master those leash handling skills

→ Build engagement around distractions

→ Train around a community of like-minded dog owners who get it

Are ya in?

WHAT: 10 group lessons over the course of four months

WHEN: Every other Thursday between July 18th to October 24th at 5pm

WHERE: At our shop in Bingen or at a local park



Come on In!


9AM – 4PM





Facility Address

110 N Maple Street
Bingen, WA 98605

mailing address

PO Box 130
Bingen, WA 98605