focused fundamentals

Learn how to use your dog’s biggest motivators to gain control, build impulse control, and develop a relationship based on respect and understanding.

We get it.

You’ve tried all of the suggestions you see online or hear from friends, but you still can’t seem to break the code when it comes to dog training.

There is a lot of conflicting information when it comes to dog training and it can feel overwhelming.


You don’t have hours to spend training your dog every day.


You’ve worked with trainers in the past and have achieved minimal results. You just don’t believe that your dog is fixable.


The thought of leaving the house is daunting because your dog drags you down the street or throws a tantrum at everything they see.


You want to enjoy spending time with your dog instead of constantly managing unwanted behaviors .


You need a dog training program that works effectively and consistently so that you can get out and enjoy your favorite outdoor activities with your dog…without the headache. 


Our Focused Fundamentals group class sets the foundation for basic obedience by starting out with an engagement-first approach. 

Our trainers coach you how to build engagement with your dog through crystal clear communication and the use of a reward that your dog finds valuable.

By the end of this class, you will:

Be able to walk your dog on a loose leash

Develop an effective communication system that your dog understands and responds to

→ Understand how to use your dog’s biggest motivators to get them to pay attention to you in any environment

→ Finally nail obedience commands

→ Teach your dog how to settle on command

our training methodology

We prioritize engagement-first dog training, based on the NePoPo® training system developed by world-renowned dog trainers Bart and Michael Bellon.

This system combines the best of modern behavioral science with traditional training techniques, enabling us to tap into your dog’s biggest motivators to create the behaviors you want.

When your dog understands that you are key to what they want, they’ll enthusiastically respond to your commands, every time, with heart and soul.

Matt and Jen are among a handful of NePoPo® certified trainers in the Pacific Northwest and are the only trainers in the region who focus on coaching and give clients, not just the how, but the why.

Ready to get real results?

HEre’s what the group class looks like:

Five weekly hourlong group classes with a maximum of 10 dogs per class


Proper socialization around other dogs and people – meaning dogs will not interact and will learn how to be neutral around their biggest motivators.


Trainers who coach owners how to work with their dogs while providing the why and the how behind the activity


Proofing commands and skills in distracting settings to generalize behaviors in various environments


Registration includes a slip lead, treat pouch, and tug toy (worth $60), plus three months access to our online training course (worth $597)


Still need a little more convincing? Here’s what our happy clients have to say:

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