• How to build engagement with your dog once you step outside your homeĀ so that no matter where you are, your dog will want to pay attention to you

  • How to build hope and value with yourself and your primary reinforcers around competing motivators, like other dogs, squirrels, and people + understanding what a primary reinforcer is for your dog


  • How owners unintentionally enable the behaviors they don’t want through negative reinforcement

About Your Trainer

Matt Luchsinger created NWB Dogs after seeking a training solution for his rescued pit bull, Buck.

Buck taught him the difference between a well-trained and a well-behaved dog. He started NWB Dogs so that he could coach owners just like you how to work through training challenges with their own dogs.

Since opening NWB Dogs in 2014, Matt has helped thousands of dog owners create better relationships with their dogs so they can go out and do their favorite outdoor activities together.

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