E-COLLAR Training

"Remote Collar Dogs are Happy Dogs"

Give Your Dog the Gift of Off-Leash Freedom

Most dog owners want their dogs to experience life off-leash.  Unfortunately it is rare that a dog can be recalled or controlled in any way once they're free of a tether. This can lead to unwanted and potentially life-threatening encounters with other dogs, people, wild animals or vehicles.  Let us show you the beauty of off-leash control using E-Collar technology the right way.  With the tap of a button you will have direct communication with your dog giving you the power of the "invisible leash" whenever and wherever you might need it, and your pup will be happier for it.

   Give your dog the liberty they deserve, Book a Consultation to learn more about the training and if it is the right fit for you and your dog.

E-Collar Training is an Add-On Service for Board & Train and Private Training Only.  If you have  completed an NWB Program and want to start E-Collar training or you're a new client who only wants E-Collar training please Contact Us.  We approve requests on a case-by-case basis.



Off-Leash Training ($1,000)




NWB Dogs' Head Trainer, Matt, is one of only a few certified E-Collar Dog Trainers in the Pacific Northwest.  He has trained for years using remote collars, and has helped many dogs live safely and happily off-leash with their owners.

E-Collar training opens your world to leash-free adventures with your dog in any environment.  Most people want to let their dogs enjoy the off-leash experience, but it is rarely done safely or with much control around distractions.  When used properly, the E-Collar gives both freedom and security to dog and handler.  

E-Collars get a bad rap because they're often used improperly.  We require that a strong foundation is in place before our dogs earn off-leash freedom.  To ensure our E-Collars are used responsibly, we only offer E-Collar training to clients who are enrolled in or have completed a NWB Dogs Training Program and have approval of NWB Dogs' Head Trainer.

Are you ready for off-leash training? Book a Consultation and we can see if NWB Dogs' E-Collar training is right for you.




Martin Systems Chameleon remote and collar with Finger Kick



A proper introduction to E-Collar Training for both you and your dog.



Off Leash training for improved control of your dog in any situation.



Communication techniques to manage behaviors and increase handler awareness.

The Gift Of Freedom

"Before Matt: (Kyah) never listened to me, never came when called, did whatever she wanted, no trust and no relationship, jumped on people, never paid attention..."


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