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Next class begins October 3rd

Group Class
Obedience, Stability & Confidence 


Our new group class exposes your dog to environmental stability, building confidence.   We will be working on engagement and teaching you how to correct behavior at the right times. Controlling reactivity and working the leash!

Do you want a dog to walk nicely on a leash?

We will help you with all these things! 

Bring your dog weekly on either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays or Thursdays! 

Class is from 5pm-7pm for a total of four classes.

Plus!, the last class of the program we will hold out at the park.

Access to our staff allows you to celebrate and discuss your successes and struggles.

Get the best of what NWB Dogs has to offer with the combination of expert dog training for your dog and coaching for the humans.  When dogs and owners learn together, training can last a lifetime.


Build Engagement & Motivation

Create the handler-canine relationship you've always wanted by building engagement, motivation and tapping in to your dog's natural desires to work and play.

All-Age Training

Bring your dog once a week to train with others who struggle with their pups too. We will help everyone in a fun group environment. 

Realtime Results!!


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