NWB Day Training

Our signature Board & Train program gets a Daycare-style makeover.  Bring your dog daily Monday through Friday for four weeks.  Each day you will receive a report card with your dog's progress as well as what to work on at home. Every Friday evening owners will work together in a group setting, be given homework and then take their dogs home for the weekend to practice.  Access to our online course will ensure you have guidance at home and daily check-ins with staff allow you to celebrate and discuss your successes and struggles. After the program we will follow-up with a group lesson at 3 months and again at 6 months to ensure things are going well and provide any support we can. 

Get the best of what NWB Dogs has to offer with the combination of expert dog training for your dog and coaching for the humans.  When dogs and owners learn together, training can last a lifetime.

DAY  Training ($3,500)

Build Engagement & Motivation

Create the handler-canine relationship you've always wanted by building engagement, motivation and tapping in to your dog's natural desires to work and play.

All-Day Training

Bring your dog daily during the week for all-day training with experienced trainers.  We get the reps in to build a foundation that the average pet owner doesn't have the time or skill to do.

Realtime Feedback & Coaching

Daily check-ins and reports give you focused tasks to complete at home.  Weekly group classes with your cohorts give you a structured, safe environment to practice.  You're given weekly homework to practice over the weekend to continue practicing the skills they've started in day-training.