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NWB Daycare

Now offering daycare for your pup while you're at work!  

Each day you will receive a report card with your dog's activities as well as any issues that may have come up. Plus, their favorite friend! 

Get the best of what NWB Dogs has to offer with the combination of expert dog trainers and a safe fun environment for your dog to spend the days!  

Daycare $45/Day
(8 hours) 


Fun filled days in a structured environment

Let your dog spend its days playing and enjoying the world while you're at work. 

Making friends

Bring your dog daily during the week for friendly groups of fun. All dogs are monitored by trained staff.

Realtime Feedback 

Report cards give you a look

into the day of your dog! 

$40/Day 7a-6p          
Monthly packages available! 

Team NWB
Drop-In Hours 

Need drop-in daycare?

Emergency requests only.

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