controlled freedom

it’s time to enjoy off-leash activities with your dog without stress

A dog that comes when called? Every time? Yeah right.


You carry around a carry-on suitcase sized bag filled with the highest value treats you can find, so you can wave them in the air, but your dog don’t care because: squirrel…or other dog….or person.


You’re constantly humiliated because your dog ignores your calls and they’re always stealing someone’s sandwich or knocking over a kid.

So you sheepishly call out (while cringing) “they’re friendly!”


You miss out on your favorite adventures like hiking, camping, and mountain biking due your dog’s unreliable recall.


You’re worried about your dog’s safety in potentially dangerous situations, like around busy roads or in the woods where their favorite past time is running after deer. 


You feel frustrated and hopless that your dog will ever have recall because nothing you’ve tried has worked.


You need  reliable off-leash recall that works effectively and consistently so that you can get out and enjoy your favorite outdoor activities with your dog…without the stress. 

So, why won’t your dog come when called?

Well, there are a few reasons:


1. Your dog just isn’t that into you.

Sure, at home you’re pretty cool cause you feed them and such, but out in the wild? You don’t compare to the environment, especially if you are unknowingly reinforcing their interactions with other dogs, people, and critters.


2. You stopped using a leash too early and never truly taugh a recall.

The leash is your best pal when it comes to recall. Most owners are so eager to let their dog run free, that they don’t realize that recall is a privilege that must be earned.


3. There are no consequences if your dog doesn’t come back.

You can yell their name all day long, but if nothing happens when they don’t come back, why would they when that deer is way fun to chase? You slow down when you see a police car, right? Why? So you don’t get pulled over.

 Our Controlled Freedom program teaches you how to use an e-collar in a way that gets your dog to fly back to you–with joy. 

We’ll teach you the ins and outs of the e-collar so your dog understands exactly what the pressure means and knows how to turn it on and off, based on the choices they make.

By the end of this program, you will:

Be able to enjoy off-leash activities with you dog without the stress or worry of them running off.

→ Feel confident in you dog’s recall abilities, knowing you can trust them to return promptly when called.

→ Be able to communicate with your dog from a distance, hand-free.

Have control over your dog in off-leash settings, no matter the distraction.

→ Enjoy your favorite outdoor activities with your best friend.

our training methodology

We prioritize engagement-first dog training, based on the NePoPo® training system developed by world-renowned dog trainers Bart and Michael Bellon.

This system combines the best of modern behavioral science and learning theory with traditional training techniques, enabling us to tap into your dog’s biggest motivators to create the behaviors you want.

Our trainers coach you how to build engagement with you dog through crystal clear communication and the use of a reward that you dog finds valuable.

When your dog understands that you are key to what they want, they’ll respond to commands, every time, with heart and soul.

Matt and Jen are among a handful of NePoPo® certified trainers in the Pacific Northwest and are the only trainers in the region who focus on coaching and give clients, not just the how, but the why.

Oh. You’ve heard terrible things about the e-collar, have you?

Yeah, we’ve heard ’em all.

Like the one about how abusive they are. 

Or that they shut down your dog.

Ooh! Or how about the one that declares that using an e-collar is not “science-based?” That’s a good one.

Here’s the deal: Most of those claims are just noise and marketing from people who have never used the tools.

ANY tool can be abusive. Your hand. Your leash. Your dog’s favorite toy.

Think about it like your kitchen knife. You make dinner every night with that knife, but you’re probably not also using it as a murder weapon.

Our training method (see above) uses motivation and a combination of negative and positive reinforcement to get dogs to fly into behaviors with heart and soul. 

About the science, go ahead and ask those naysayers about learning theory. We’ll wait. 

Still need some convincing? Just check out what our clients have to say about working with us:


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