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BOARD & Train

"You Can Only Teach a Dog in a Language That They Understand"

Experience The Most NWB Dogs
Has to Offer

      It can take the average owner months to teach a dog our training system; let us do that work in a matter of four weeks.  We will create the structure needed to build a strong foundation; putting in the repetitions necessary to imprint desired behaviors. This program includes Private Training sessions for owners and access to our Online Course where you will learn how to maintain your dog's training long after their return home. This is the best program for those who live more than an hour away from the training facility.

   Give your dog an elevated training experience and gain a thorough knowledge of dog training for yourself.  Book your Board & Train today.

Signature Program -Contact for price



3, 6, and 8 week programs ; intensive training and total-care boarding service.


One year's access to our Essential Online Training Course.


Weekly Group Classes 

 Every Friday we will meet for a group class before your pup gets to spend the weekend at home with the family! 


Personalized training plan for lifelong success!   


Team NWB Dogs membership with exclusive offerings and discounts.

Book a Board & Train for Your Dog

 Let us know if you're interested in a Board & Train. Get in touch so we can complete the evaluation process before our next session begins.

Are you ready to sign up?  Book Now.


What Would a Typical Day Look Like for My Dog?  

Monday through Friday all B&T dogs stay at our training facility in Bingen.  There they are rotated constantly through training sessions 7am-8pm, being kenneled as little as possible. When not working, all dogs are out and placed on dog beds taking turns training. To break up training, dogs are taken in groups or individually for bike rides, fetch or other play. Weekends are a rest period for the dogs where they are allowed to play together (if appropriate and always supervised) or taken on short hikes or bike rides. We encourage owners to have their dog's home on the weekend but we know this isn't always possible and are happy to accommodate those cases. 

Will My Dog Forget Me or Not Want to Come Home?

This is a common question; after training thousands of dogs we have never seen one who wasn't happy to go home at the end of their stay!  Dogs are usually very happy to see their owners. Remember your dog has been working hard and they are usually exhausted when they get home.  Let your dog rest for a day or two to adjust to the change, but they will be re-acclimated and back in action after their initial homecoming. Plus! They'll be home on weekends with you if you live local! 

Do You Guarantee Your Training Outcomes?

While we don't have an official guarantee policy, we do promise our clients that we will do everything in our power to help them.  As long as our clients also show dedication and adherence to the training program, we make ourselves available via phone, email or for extra private training sessions if our clients are in need.  We will offer our continued support as long as we see our clients are following training instructions and making the recommended changes to their structure and routine after dogs go home.  We feel that if we are doing our jobs right you and your dog will be successful, but what success looks like will be different for everyone.  Make sure you schedule an evaluation so we can talk about your specific goals and if we can help you achieve them.

Can I Come Visit My Dog During Their Stay?

While we don't offer visitation-only appointments, we do bring clients in through out their dog's B&T stay for their Group Training sessions.  This gives you the opportunity to visit with your dog, check in on their progress and get some hands-on training experience.  We know you will miss your dog dearly so we do send you weekly written updates with your dog's training progress and post videos and pictures to our social media pages so you can see what they're up to.

I've Booked My B&T, What Should I Bring at Drop-Off?

We will send you lots of information in your confirmation email after you book your B&T.  We do need you to bring enough food for your dog's stay in a re-sealable container (plastic or metal so it can be sanitized) and payment in full. Please Contact Us with any payment inquiries.  We do not want any bedding, blankets or toys brought with the dogs unless they are pre-approved.  This is in the interest of everyone as we don't have an easy way to wash bedding if it gets soiled. Prior to arrival make sure to check the Client Portal to ensure all services agreements, client and pet forms and vaccination documents are completed.


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