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We get what it feels like to have your dog’s behavior control your life.


Look. Our trainers know what it’s like to pour our hearts and souls into training our dogs to be well-behaved companions we can take anywhere, only to feel defeated by the lack of results.  

We knew there had to be a different way to train our dogs that would produce the results we wanted, so we dove deep into the dog training rabbit hole and became obsessed with figuring out a solution.

For over ten years, we’ve helped thousands of dog owners across the Columbia River Gorge and beyond transform their relationship with their dogs.

We don’t just train dogs, we coach owners. 

Our core training principles

We’re kinda addicted to failing…

At NWB Dogs, we live by this wisdom.

We see failure as our greatest teacher, embracing it to continually evolve our training knowledge and methods.

Seeking mentorship from other trainers and engaging in deep practice to develop our skillset are integral to our philosophy.

This unwavering commitment to learning ensures we provide you with the most effective, up-to-date, and transformative dog training experience we can.

(And yes, we fully encourage you and your dog to fail when you work with us. That’s where the *magic* happens)


“It is what you learn after you know it all that counts.”

– John Wooden, NCAA head basketball coach


Our trainers are both proud NePoPo® Gold graduates, a prestigious and rigorous certification program. There are only a handful of us in the Pacific Northwest. 

Our commitment to learning, combined with years of hands-on experience, means we’re equipped to guide you through your dog training journey like no one else.

If you’re seeking personalized, effective, and results-driven training from folks who truly understand your dog’s needs, you’ve found the right team.

Let’s transform your relationship with your dog together.


I grew up on a farm in a small town in Upstate New York, am passionate about protection work and tracking and trailing with my own dogs, and dad to a super rad kid named Arlo.

“I was trying to force my dog into a mold he didn’t belong in.”


When I adopted a four-month old pit bull named Buck, I wanted to be an ambassador for the breed. However, Buck had other plans for me. 

Despite excelling in a local obedience training program, Buck began to show signs of aggression toward other dogs.

Determined to find a solution for his behavior, I became obsessed with dog training.

During this journey, I discovered the difference between a well-trained dog and a well-behaved dog.

I realized that my problem wasn’t Buck at all–I had fallen into the trap of believing societal norms about dog ownership.

I thought that if my dog wasn’t social with other dogs and people or couldn’t go to dog parks or enjoy a trip to the local brewery, there was something wrong with him.

I was trying to force him into a mold he didn’t belong in.

Once I embraced Buck for who he was, his behavior transformed.

When I’d take Buck to play Frisbee at the Hood River waterfront, strangers approached me in awe of control I had over him, and more notably, the bond we shared.

Buck became a significant teacher, igniting my passion for working with dogs. After casually coaching dog owners, I founded NWB Dogs in 2014.


Book author of The Essential Guide to Hiking with Dogs, owner of adventure dog blog Long Haul Trekkers, endurance trail runner, and whipper upper of delicious plant-based meals.

I couldn’t stand my dog and wanted nothing to do with her.


When I first met my dog Sora, I thought I knew dogs–I was one of those “dog lovers,”–but she shattered those notions.

Sora’s reactivity challenged my beliefs about dog ownership.  

I struggled to fit her into society’s norms before finally admiting what felt like defeat. Once I accpeted her for who she was, she thrived.

Then cam Laila a hyena-like whirlwind of energy. 

Laila tore off into the woods for 10 minutes the first time I ever let her off leash. 

Traditional training methods failed, and I reached a breaking point.

I couldn’t stand her and wanted nothing to do with her. 

Friends suggested e-collar training, something I would have never previously considered based on hearsay.

Living in Spain, balanced training resources were scarce, but my determination pushed me to find as much information as I could.

Although life circumstances limited my work with Laila, my dog training journey had begun.

Training my current dog, Sitka with a professional trainer solidified my passion for dog training.

I met Matt when Sitka bit him during a partner exercise at a workshop.

After class, he showed me a few different ways to address some of Sitka’s issues.

Impressed by his training approach and teaching style, I decided right then and there that I had to work with him and weaseled my way into becoming a business partner.

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