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We are a tight knit family-like dog training business located in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge who utilize motivational dog training techniques and science-based learning theories to help our clients achieve the ultimate family and outdoor adventure companion.

Matt Luchsinger

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Matt grew up on a farm in New York State, south of Syracuse.  He moved West at the age of 18 to live the adventure lifestyle in the Pacific Northwest.  He has been successful in his endeavors, first in the outdoor industry and then in pursuit of his passion; dog training. Matt has taken his knowledge from life on the farm, the outdoor industry and years of experience in dog training and combined it into a training system for the everyday family and their dog.   Primarily based out of Hood River, Oregon and Bingen, Washington Matt's company North West Balanced Dog Training, LLC (NWB Dogs) has been serving the Columbia River Gorge since 2012  

NWB Dogs' story starts after Matt failed at his attempts to get help from trainers with his aggressive pitbull, Buck.  After going through multiple trainers, he decided the best way to help Buck would be for him to become a dog trainer himself. After completion of multiple programs and a lot of hard work, Matt found drastic improvement and real results in Buck's behavior.This motivated him to begin working with others, sharing the knowledge he gained to bring hope to owners that they can make a real difference with correct training methods and a little dedication.
Matt's own training style developed over time and news of his successful results with some "hopeless" dogs spread by word-of-mouth.  He has been regarded for his ability to not only train dogs but to communicate, educate, coach and empower owners in their pursuit to communicate effectively with their dogs.

Matt continues to search for new training techniques and knowledge.  His most recent study being with Bart Bellon and Michael Bellon who created the trademarked NePoPo system of training. He is a recent graduate of their Silver and Gold schools, making him one of the only E-Collar Certified trainers in the Northwest.

If We Can't Coach The Owners, We Fail The Dog 

We've had great success with our clients throughout the years   The growing NWB Staff pride themselves in excellent customer service and client-centered education. We strive to have positive results, but we understand that we aren't perfect.  Please share your experience below, whether you loved it or were left wanting more. Your input helps us continually improve our services.

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