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Ditch the frustration and make your dog training goals a reality without having to dedicate hours a day!

You deserve to have a dog that…

listens to commands

walks by your side

comes when called

“Matt and Jen were able to take a young dog that was like a teenager on a pogo stick that wanted to jump on everyone he met with great excitement and turn him into a very well behaved dog, who is a real gem to have around. NWB Dogs was the best and a great start for our dog and the training we received, as a dog owner, was outstanding.”

Jo Schreiber-Lyon

Do you feel like you put in a TON of work to train your dog, buuuuut you’re just not seeing the results of all that time and effort?

Does this sound familiar?

  • Your daily walks feel like a wrestling match (and you’re not the one winning)

  • Your dog goes absolutely crazy when you pass other dogs on walks

  • Your command requests fall on deaf ears. No matter how many times you say ‘sit,’ your dog just ignores you

  • You want to take your dog off-leash, but they never come back when you call them

  • You’re embarrassed to have visitors at your home because your dog jumps all over them.

    I cannot describe how incredible the experience was working with Matt and Jen. Our dog stayed for four weeks and when he returned an unbelievable difference, in fact my wife and I wondered if they had given us a different dog. They continue to follow up with us and if we have questions, they get back with us. We are also continuing our training with their after training group sessions.

    They know their stuff and also their love for animals. 

    Greg Davies

    NWB Dogs coaches dog owners how to clearly communicate with their dogs so they can get back to enjoying their favorite activities together.

    Our approach to dog training goes beyond your basic sits and downs.

    Instead, we prefer to focus on coaching owners how to develop confident dogs that are engaged and motivated to work, in order to craft a well-behaved dog.

    This will give your dog the real world skills that you’ll need for your everyday life and adventures.




    You deserve to have a better relationship with your dog.

    One where…


    • You and your dog walk down the street side-by-side

    • Your dog enthusiactially obeys commands when you ask


    • Your dog wants to be with you and you can work together as a team

    We’ve been where you are

    We understand your dog training journey intimately because it’s one we’ve experienced ourselves.

    Frustration and countless failed attempts with our own challenging dogs led us to master the art of dog training.

    Since 2014, NWB Dogs has trained thousands of dogs and have helped owners build a better relationship with their dogs.

    We know first hand the struggles you face and the transformative power of the right training and know how to give you the right tools to get you there, too.

    Different ways to work with us

    Private Lessons


    In our private lesson packages, you are the trainer and we are there to give you the skills and coaching necessary to reach your training goals.

    We can modify our packages to suit your specific goals, including:

    – off-leash recall with remote collar

    – leash handling

    – settling

    – basic obedience

    – engagement & motivation


    Board & Train

    If you feel overwhelmed when it comes to training your dog, we’ll take care of the basics for you!

    During our board and trains, your dog stays with us during the week and goes home on weekends.

    We teach them:

    – how to walk nicely on leash

    – off-leash recall with e-collar

    – settling on command

    – basic obedience


    Group Lessons

    Just like in our private lessons, you are the trainer and we coach you through the steps to reach your goals.

    In our group classes, you will have the opportunity to socialize your dog around other dog in a way that builds neutrality.

    This setting is ideal for dogs that constantly want to say hi to other dogs as well as for reactive dogs.





    Keep an eye out on our events page for regular weekend seminars and long term classes.

    We host workshops including: tracking and trailing, scentwork, e-collar 101, and more.

    The best way to stay in the loop is by signing up for our email newsletter.

    “We took our 5 year old German shepherd and pit mutt for a 2 day reactivity workshop. I got to see how quickly reactive and insecure dogs can change to grounded, happy, and still companions.  Also, he is very familiar with methods that often don’t work but are taught by mainstream dog trainers. Therefore he is great at addressing the myths and correcting broken belief systems.”

    Gie Reklatis

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