“The art of communication is the language of leadership” James C. Humes

 Each relationship between canine and human is unique. Years of experience has shown NWB Dogs that this style of “blanket training” is not successful in the long-run.  Our training programs vary in content and style.  The evaluation process reveals which training program is most appropriate for you and is best for your dog, from there we create a custom training program to meet your needs.

Our training programs include behavior modification, relationship building, leash-work, off-leash control, E-Collar training and basic obedience.  We focus on tapping into a dog’s motivation and strengthening their owner’s understanding of dog behavior.

       Each new client is asked to fill out our Inquiry Form.  Upon review of this information we will respond with your recommended training package(s).  An in-person evaluation is $100 upon request or may be done over the phone for free, prior to initiating training.

Some Important Information Before You Get Started

Recognition of The Problem

  • Inevitably something us humans are doing or not doing is contributing to the issues at hand.
  • Be open to analyzing your own behaviors and changing old habits and preconceived notions about dog behavior and training.


  • We ask clients to be prepared to spend the required amount of time exercising or playing with their dog in a variety of ways.
  • For young, healthy dogs we suggest a minimum of 2 hours of moderate physical activity with you per day, or 1 hour of vigorous exercise.
  • Letting your dog into the yard on their own, with another dog, or with children for unstructured play does not count towards this requirement.
  • Dogs need to release both physical and mental energy.  Failure to do so results in poor behaviors and decision making in your dog for multiple reasons.


  • Be open to our training approach. We are balanced trainers, meaning we use praise as well as corrections for unwanted behavior.
  • Be ready to create a new set of rules and boundaries and reduce the amount of physical affection and freedoms you currently provide.
  • If you feel that you do not agree with correcting your dog’s bad behaviors, we ask you come for an evaluation, demonstration and discussion on the subject.


  • You will have “homework,” no matter what program you enroll in.
  • The intention of homework is for our knowledge to be passed to you not just in theory but in practice
  • The results you see in your dog directly correlate to the amount of time you spend working with your dog.
  • We do our best to make things fun and manageable for your lifestyle and schedule.

Family and Household

  • All household members should be implementing training techniques.  Consistency is key.
  • Training is a lifestyle.  We cannot focus on training in 10-minute segments and allow the dog to get away with unwanted behaviors the rest of the time or with certain people in the home.
  • What we allow in the home transfers to all locations and situations.  Structure and boundaries start at home with the family or “pack.”


  • If your dog is coming to us for behavior modification/rehabilitation please understand that it takes months of work and strict adherence to the training program to see substantial changes.
  • The more severe the behaviors, the longer it can take to rehabilitate.