We love training dogs, but don't take our word for it. Read what some of our clients have to say about NWB Dog Training

“Matt is an excellent trainer, our dog Blaze has greatly improved from being fearful & aggressive to obedient and confident. If you're willing to make some changes at home and do the work with Matt, you will be rewarded with a great dog! Thanks Matt for helping us out! I highly recommend NW Balanced Dog Training.”

-Elizabeth Chapman Terhaar

“I think it's very likely that Matt's program saved our dog's life. Teddy is an over-anxious working dog, and despite plenty of training, exercise and attention, he was people and dog-aggressive and reactive. We couldn't re-home this guy in good conscience but we couldn't safely keep him. Matt was his last chance. He took a completely different approach to understanding Teddy and how to teach him to not react, and to move away from a trigger rather than toward it. We still have lots of continued work to do, but for the first time in a long time, we have the tools and foundation to do it effectively. Thank you, Matt.”

-Cathy Hamilton

"I first met with Matt one-on-one to work on training Vinnie, my 4 month old wirehaired dachshund. After a couple of sessions I realized that I just did not have the skill - or the time- to properly train my pup. So, Vinnie went to board with NWB Dogs and be trained by Matt in basic obedience. In just 10 days Matt transformed Vinnie in the best possible way. Matt also trained ME to be able to follow through with this first phase of training. Vinnie now listens and follows basic commands. He walks by my side off leash and comes on command. Matt had me work off leash with Vinnie in a public park with all the usual distractions of people, other dogs and kids. In 10 days Matt taught Vinnie to focus and listen. I am a very happy pup owner. Vinnie and I are both a work in progress but this first phase of training has gotten us off on the right foot. I cannot recommend Matt enough. He is professional, knowledgeable and very intuitive. Vinnie had a great time with Matt and Mariam and he learned to focus and listen!"

-Kristie Strasen

"Our pit-chow mixed breed dogs were 7 and 9 years old when we did a 2-week board and train program with NWB. We had already tried various training regimens, tools, and methods at that point. Our dogs were a major burden in our lives and we felt exasperated. Every trip meant a stressful decision about what to do with the dogs and we basically lived in an anxious state with them all the time. When we did an evaluation with Matt we learned a lot and he gave us a lot of options. It was fun to follow their progress online. We were cautiously optimistic that his program would work for our dogs. When we got them back, Matt trained us and the dogs were totally improved. We were and continue to be so impressed! Maintaining their training is fun and walking, riding, and hiking is a pleasure! The dogs and us are enjoying socializing with others now! We are all way more chill. NWB is a life saver!"

-Andrea Pacheco


“This is going to be a pretty long review – so if you want to get down to it, in one word “WOW”.A little back story: We’ve got a 4 year old Aussie (Abby) who we’ve done massive amounts of work with. We’ve tried everything to deal with her fearful, sometimes aggressive nature. We started with one and a half years of basic obedience training at a different trainer on a weekly basis. We took her to a (very expensive) animal behaviorist, We socialized her like crazy, including puppy socialization classes, daily trips to dog parks and home depot, we even tried prozac for a year.

Nothing helped, she was always fearful, so much so that many people would come up to us and ask “has she been socialized” as if we were unaware and tried nothing to fix the issue. She knew all the tricks, but still, was difficult to take in public places because of her unpredictable nature.Abby just completed three weeks with NW Balanced and my wife and I were shocked at the difference in such a short timeframe. When we drove up, before even getting out of the car we could tell the difference. She was bounding around in a play area with another dog, she looked calm and, well…. happy.

It’s only been a day since she’s come home but we already have so many firsts. We stopped at a busy shopping mall to grab lunch and brought Abby with us, she politely stayed in a “down” the entire time we ordered! People walked by, cars revved engines and she didn’t even look concerned! People were even pointing at commenting in amazement! Three weeks before she would have ran and hid, or something far worse. We went on a hike and could confidently let her walk off leash for most the hike. We had a rabbit run by while walking on leash and didn’t have to brace for the normal jerk of the leash.

She’s a different dog, and I would best define the new Abby as “Calm, Happy and Waiting for Instruction”A bit of a disclaimer: Keeping the new Abby will take a lot of work and dedication on the part of my wife and I, but seeing what’s possible makes the work seem easy. We are excited for what the future holds for Abby given the appropriate structure we’ve learned from NW Balanced.As someone who’s quite literally tried everything, I can say without reservation that NW Balanced is well worth the investment. I’ve spent far more than NW Balance charges on ineffective, sometimes gimmicky “solutions”. As long as your willing to learn, and provide the structure set out in NW Balanced Dog Trainings philosophy, You’ll get the dog you’ve always dreamed of having!”

-Justin Burger


“We came to Matt after exhausting every possible option for our pit mix, Sadie. My only regret is not coming to him sooner. We got Sadie as an extremely high energy, high drive, anxious puppy. We realized we had a challenge on our hands from the beginning, but thought that regular exercise, obedience training and walks would be enough to keep our pup in check. 2 + years later, we had a dog who knew basic commands and could walk well on leash- but would lunge at anything she felt like. Worse, we had a dog that couldn’t relax, was dangerously protective of us and our home, and couldn’t be trusted around new people or dogs. We couldn’t take her hiking or running and my wife was even afraid walking her around town for fear of a loose dog approaching us and being unable to control Sadie. Ultimately, we couldn’t have anyone at our house and we couldn’t go any of the places we wanted to go with our dog. Sadie basically lived under quarantine until one day she squeezed past us walking in the front door and bit the mailman who was coming up the steps.

We realized at this point that our dog was miserable, and moreover she was making us miserable and was a danger to all those around us. We considered giving her up, but knew that she would likely never be adopted and instead be put down. If she were lucky enough to find a new home, she would probably bite again, and we couldn’t live with that either. We wanted to rehabilitate Sadie, and that’s how we found Matt.

When we met Matt for the first time, I knew we were finally on the right track. We had tried every dog behavior gimmick on the market. We tried other trainers, classes, read books, binge-watched Cesar Milan, tried dog-calming incense and briefly put Sadie on a vet prescribed anti-anxiety medication. Nothing stuck with her. Handing off the leash to Matt, Sadie’s demeanor changed. It wasn’t easy, but with Matt, Sadie was finally listening. After 4 weeks, we have a dog who can relax, can be around other dogs and people and can go on adventures with us.

Our work with Sadie is nowhere near done. She still needs training, but Matt laid a strong foundation for her rehabilitation. Sadie can now come on command, will stay in place indefinitely and knows her role is to listen to her owners, not to react to outside distractions. She’s learning that other dogs must be respected and that new people are good. Matt showed us all the tools he used with Sadie and left us detailed instructions to continue her rehab. The best part of all of this is that the ‘work’ we have to do is not really work at all. It’s fun to be out there, bonding with our dog, knowing that she’s having fun and experiencing the freedom she couldn’t have before.

Again, my only regret is waiting too long. If I had it to do over, I would have sent Sadie to Matt as a puppy. When the time comes to get another dog, and regardless of how good that dog might be, it will be going to see Matt first thing.”

-Zack McGuire