Boarding Updates


We are now boarding at minimal capacity for spring/summer 2020.  We are taking boarding requests from PREVIOUS CLIENTS ONLY.  Request your boarding stay here.



If you are interested in a Board-and-Train program, check out our training programs below, fill out our contact form and we will respond shortly.

Boarding Pricing:

Dog-Friendly Dogs: $50 per night

Dog-Reactive (active or history-of): $75 per night

We do charge a daycare fee of $30 for afternoon pick-ups on your dog’s final day, Mon-Fri.  Weekends the fee is waived.

Training Programs and Pricing

Each custom program will fall into one of the following categories.  Price ranges reflect the severity and type of dog behaviors we are managing.  After we have reviewed your Inquiry Form we will either offer you a choice of programs from below or schedule an evaluation.

Private Training Package:

SIX Lessons without Ecollar $1,500

SIX Lessons with Ecollar $2,500

The same training as the four-lesson package, with the addition of ECollar training for advanced obedience and off-leash control.  This is recommended if you wish to have your dog off leash in public or on trails.  Also appropriate for dogs who need intermediate-advanced behavior modification. Not all dogs are candidates for ECollar training, each dog and owner will be evaluated and trained with ECollar if appropriate.


Hourly Consult:



Board and Train Packages:

Four Week $4,000

This program is ideal for dogs without reactivity, anxiety, or aggression issues who are looking for a solid foundation of training.  Also great for puppies!  We focus on obedience through engagement and motivation to work with food rewards. Your dog will be dialed on leash in all distractions. Long-line and short-leash drills set you up for training off-leash recall and heeling.  Daily structure  will reinforce calmness in your dog and reduce bad behaviors.  Behavior modification is addressed as needed.  Included in the training are two private lessons to help transition your dog's training into your hands.


Six-Week $6,000

This program is most appropriate for dogs who will require a longer period of training to re-set behaviors, or for any dog who will be ECollar trained.  Offers a solid foundation in obedience and leash work the same as the four-week program.This is the only board-and-train option for ECollar training.  Three private lessons are included to help transition your dog's training into your hands.

*Note: True dog aggression will be determined upon an in-person evaluation with Matt. Most dogs whose owners consider their behavior “aggressive” may qualify for a less-intensive training program.

Pick-up and Drop-off Schedule


Morning: 7am-10am
 Evening: 4pm-7pm


Saturday-Sunday: 4pm-6pm

If you need to arrange a pick-up or drop-off time outside of our scheduled hours email us and we may arrange that in advance on a case-by-case basis for a fee of $10 per appointment.